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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

In performing the deliverables, the selected external collaborator will work under the supervision of BWI’s Communication and Partnerships officer to ensure the quality and alignment of content with BW’s vision and branding guidelines.

There are three main areas identified for the needs of the production of communication materials, the below description will describe the aforementioned with detailed tasks and reporting line:

A.Information and content gathering:

To initiate discussion and liaise with relevant team leader/focal points and Communication and Partnerships Officer to identify and collect good practices and learnings from programme deliveries that are useful for creating content of communication materials such as e-poster/flyer, e-brochure, various forms of social media and website content.

B.Data analysis and recommendation

i.Discuss with the BWI management team to understand the nature and model of BWI program, approach and activities
ii.Support in providing analysis on BWI digital products and outreach throughout various BWI’s digital platform, and other data analysis as requested by BWI’s Communication and Partnerships officer.

iii.Based on the analysis, provide recommendations on strategy for communication and information outreach, particularly for direct workers’ awareness campaigns.

C.Produce communication materials to raise awareness and share best practices.

i.Consult with Communication and Partnerships Officer to generate main stories/ideas captured from the program’s best practices and learnings.

ii.Translate the approved stories/ideas into various high quality digital contents/products that aligns with BW’s vision and branding guidelines.


1. Memiliki pengalaman di bidang Content Creator
2. Mampu melaksanakan tugas-tugas seperti pada kolom deskripsi pekerjaan.
3. Bisa berkomunikasi dengan baik dan lancar
4. Mampu bekerja dengan deadline

Persyaratan Umum

Diutamakan untuk disabilitas Learning Disability, Asperper, ADHD, dan Autis.

Persyaratan Khusus

Lowongan ini bersifat project dan berlaku selama 8 bulan yaotu 1 April- 30 Nov 2021.
Better Work is a unique join programme of the ILO and IFC, focusing primarily on the improvement of working conditions of labour as well as productivity and competitiveness of an enterprise, which operated in Cambodia, Vietnam, Lesotho, Jordan, Nicaragua and in Indonesia. To achieve this, the programme works in partnership with over 35 international brands, national government, business/employers association and national trade unions. In Indonesia, the Better Work programme works with over 200 export oriented garment factories which covers a combined of over 300,000 workers, with predominantly women workers, in five provinces. Further detailed information of the programme is available in our website: https://betterwork.org/where-we-work/indonesia/bwi-our-programme/